Turbinenfabrik has the approach to bring back romance and subjectivity into photography

Bored with all these high resolution, slick images of today, Turbinenfabrik is trying to recapture the pure essence of photography. It aims to bring life and passion back into photography using various kinds of cameras and film, as well as modern digital cameras and techniques. Turbinenfabrik challenges the beholder to explore these images and come up with their own personal and sensual emotions and feelings. They somehow become part owners of these images, connecting them with their own perception and moods.

Photography is turned into lines and shapes and is reduced into its basics…. just colour and no colour and then becomes something new, something independent

Olaf Reuffurth works as a Photographer and Architect and is located in Frankfurt Germany (previously Sydney Australia)

every camera has its own expression and life, various forms of creativity…..